Boveda Humidity Packs


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  • The 69% Boveda is more in the usual range for most cigar smokers. Some aficionados will swear by this rating and others think it is still too dry. Certain tobaccos seem to fair better at 69% but we think it is up to each smoker.
  • The 72% Boveda Packs is by far the most requested of them all. We use it in all of our applications and have no issues whatsoever. We feel that it leaves a slight margin for error on the humidity.
  • The 75% Boveda Pack is brand new. If you want to be sure your sticks have enough moisture, these are for you.
  • The 84% Seasoning pack is very useful for giving that perfect distribution of moisture to your brand new humidor. Expect to wait 14 days while these packs create the perfect level of moisture in your new box.