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About us

Cigar Box owners Tommy and Allyson Trella, Laurie and Bobby Veet and Michael Barletta – all born,
raised and live in the Hazleton area - opened the first Cigar Box store in the Laurel Mall,
Hazleton in 1996, managed to this day by Laurie. Even before opening their first Cigar Box, Tom
sold and shipped cigars from his garage, entering the world of Premium Cigar retail. It is a
classic American story – starting a business, creating jobs in local communities and serving
customers who enjoy Premium Cigars and a great customer experience. Cigar Box is a locally
owned, family-owned, veteran-owned line of stores. Tom served in the US Army reserves
including active duty and was deployed to Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm.

  • Today, there are six Cigar Box Tobacconist & Vape brick and mortar retail stores that
    ship nationally. Visit a location near you.
  • Our 28-year history in the Premium Cigar industry includes membership in the exclusive
    Tobacconists Association of America – one of only 80 TAA members in the United States. Learn more about the TAA.
  • Tom and Michael are known among the owners of major brands – including Carlito Fuente,
    Jonathan Drew. Willy Herrera, Steve Saka, Michael Herklots, Nick Perdomo, Litto
    Gomez, and many others. 
  • This enables them to offer a personally and carefully selected Premium Cigar
    assortment in fully stocked humidors – including TAA Exclusives and other limited
    release and rare cigars.
  • When you make cigar purchases at any Cigar Box store, you are buying cigars directly
    from them - chosen by them - based on their more than two decades of experience.
    They work hard and understand that their customers do too, so they select cigars with
    you in mind. Like you, they love a good cigar – ‘every cigar is like an hour vacation!’
  • Connect with us any time! Tom and Michael love to meet people and talk cigars including
    through their Talking Ash podcast, connecting on social media or at Cigar Box events
    and stores. Watch the podcast Talking Ash!
    The opportunity to work in the cigar community offering clean, professional stores with great
    customer service - that’s the heart of the Cigar Box brand - as it has been for over 28 years.

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